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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 2, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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a great day. thanks for watching. >> bye-bye. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday october 2nd, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." new questions about the texas hospital that turned away an ebola victim. a shake-up at the secret service. former white house chief of staff bill daley on what it will take to fix the agency. the daring rescue of an american girl after an international manhunt spanning 12 years. we begin today with a look at your "eye opener." >> he thought he had ebola. and he was sent home. >> shocking new details at america's first ebola case. >> he recently arrived from
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africa. that was not relayed to doctors. >> officials ordering four family members to stay home and avoid visitors. >> now, a patient in hawaii put into isolation over possible ebola concerns. >> people sickened by the ent roy virus d-68 and now federal health officials investigateing. >> pierce be resigned following lapses in security. >> officials have named clancy as interim director. >> severe weather today, damaging storms stretch from the eastern plains to the ohio valley. >> in hong kong today, the police warning of serious consequences if protesters surround government buildings. >> the anger of hong kong people. >> adam sandler is coming to netflix. >> has agreed to star in four features film. >> one washington state bear found a solution.
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>> clearly, he's very itchy, right? >> i'm laughing at the bee. oh it's back. i'm going to end up on some blooper reel. >> the san francisco giants advance to the national league division series. baum garner a four-hit shutout. >> i was frankly, nervous about coming here this evening, so i sought out president obama for advice and he said to me charlie, just don't do stupid stuff. >> on "cbs this morning." >> chocolate or vanilla? >> vanilla. >> boats or airplanes? >> planes. >> weed or booze? >> neither i'm boring. >> uh-huh. >> i don't do it. >> for weed. >> this morning's "eye opening" is presented by toyota. let's go places.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." learning more about the patient diagnosed with ebola in the united states. our dallas state identified the victim as thomas eric duncan. >> united airlines confirms duncan flew on two of its planes. first went from liberia to brussels. from there united to dulles airport near washington. then on to dallas. the cdc says there is zero risk of transmission on any of duncan's flights. but manuel bojorques is in dallas. where miscommunication may have put more people at risk. >> reporter: good morning. and good morning to our viewers in the west. the patient remains in serious condition here. the dallas county health officials announced the circle of people potentially exposed is now 80. but fewer than 20 of those are thought to have had direct contact with the patient. professionals on every level of the chain of command know what
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to do to minimize this potential risk to the people of texas, of this country for that matter. >> reporter: texas governor rick perry tried to contain the sense of uncertainty in a community on edge. after a man from liberia tested positive for ebola in dallas. hospital officials admit a nurse learned the patient had recently traveled from africa during his first visit to the er last friday. but say that information was not passed along. >> as a result the full import of that information wasn't factored in to the clinical decision making. >> reporter: health officials are monitoring 12 to 18 people who may have had direct contact with people at this apartment complex where he was staying with relatives. some have been isolated at home. all are being checked daily for symptoms of ebola. that number includes five children who attend four different dallas area schools. officials say those schools will be getting some extra cleaning as a precaution. and they emphasize that children
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have not shown any symptoms of ebola and believe the student population is safe. >> we're going to keep going. business as usual. school will be in session. >> reporter: that didn't stop some parents from picking up their kids from school early. others say they plan on keeping their kids at home. the cdc says people should not panic, but they should be mindful that the world is a global village where an outbreak overseas could find its way anywhere. >> so, this is a fact of life in the united states now. >> i think it's a fact of life anywhere in the world. >> reporter: four of the patient's close family members have now been served with legal orders requiring them to stay at home and not have visitors until at least october 19th or they could face criminal charges. officials say anyone with symptoms will be isolated immediately. >> all right, thank you. "usa today" is reporting that texas health officials are monitoring a second possible ebola patient but this morning we learned from dr. frieden, the head the cdc, that report is not
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correct. in hawaii one patient in hospitalization. the patient may have ebola but the symptoms could reflect a number of ill hisnessnessillnesses. >> our chief medical corresponden ere. what alarms you most? and concerns you most at this moment? >> by far, what's going on in africa, because it's now -- it's out of control in africa right now. a nunmbers game. it's almost magical thinks to think there won't be other cases, not only in america but elsewhere. it's an incubation period of 2 to 21 days. somebody gets on the plane feeling perfectly fine they come here and they get sick. >> but we learned that 18 people, including five children came in contact with this man who has ebola. how concerned should we be that they may also be victims? >> well we are concerned enough to be following them closely. if anybody gets symptoms
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there's going to be con centric circles. here's the one thing that should calm people down a lot. it's only spread through direct contact with fluids. if this were spread through the air the way flu is there would be millions of people in africa who already would be affected. >> it is also spread through sweat, right if you shake hands? >> you have to have a cut in your hand, some way for the virus to not only get into your skin, but through that into the bloodstream. in your mouth, in your nose mucus membranes. >> probably shouldn't be concerned about people on the plane being exposed to him, is that still true? >> very different from the flu. with the flu, you can spread it a day before you get symptoms. with this, you have to be symptomatic. >> is the key lesson here what do we do to make sure we inspect people coming in to make sure we know more about people coming into the country? >> it's really hard to do that. you're going to have people coming in and they may have a fever, they may not have a fever. what i'm most concerned about is
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people feeling perfectly fine. they've gotten the virus. they're incubating it. and they come here. what's most concerning about this is the fact that protocol broke down. i mean it is not okay for the last month or two, we've gotten all sorts of communications saying, think ebola. even if somebody mild viral-type symptoms. they ask a travel history. it was asked and then somehow communication broke down. it was not okay. >> these five children go to four different schools. should parents keep their kids home? >> i think you have to follow the cdc and health officials about that advice. >> thanks, john. ahead, travel editor peter greenberg show us what airlines and airports are doing and not doing to prevent the spread of ebola. >> concerns of another virus. a 10-year-old rhode island girl died from possible complication of enterovirus d-68. that strain has infected 500 people in 42 states mostly children. doctors are now looking into potentially deadly side effects. anna warner is at childrens
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hospital in aurora where several patients have been treated. >> most cases are mild leading to nothing more than cold-like symptoms. but doctors are looking into whether enterovirus d-68 could be linked to polio-like symptoms in some children even to death. >> there was a death of a 10-year-old child from cumberland, a tragic death. >> the fifth grader died less than 24 hours after she was rushed to the hospital for breathing problems. state health officials say she died from the staph infection but also tested positive for enterovirus d-68. >> from a infectious disease perspective perspective, a perfect storm. >> hers was the rare case. it's the numbers of cases across the country that's gotten the attention of federal health officials. >> scary. >> 9-year-old jason broadway came home from school one day last month with what seemed like a cold but his condition quickly deteriorated. >> literally two hours later he
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had -- he couldn't breathe. >> what's that like to realize he couldn't breathe? >> it's petrifying. the scariest thing ever to see your child not be able to take a breath. >> reporter: doctors told her he had enterovirus d-68. some children who tested positive to the virus have shown polio-like symptoms including limb weakness. doctors at the children's hospital of colorado have seen ten children with those symptoms. health officials in los angeles reported a similar case wednesday. >> we don't know the answer why at this type this virus appears to be so virulent. >> doctors cannot say for sure whether this virus is linked to those polio-like symptoms seen in some infected children. this virus is spreading. the cdc does expect to see more cases confirmed nationwide as they continue to test people with respiratory illnesses. now, children with asthma are more at risk of serious illness.
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but, again, doctors say for most people this is a mild illness with cold-like symptoms. >> anna thanks. the embattled head of the secret service is out. director julia pierce resigned wednesday after repeated calls for her to leave. the decision follows a string of embarrassing secret service failures. bill plante is at the white house where officials say no one encouraged pierson to stay. bill, good morning. >> good morning, and good morning to our viewers in the west. after that cascade of revelations, pierson's fate was sealed in meetings yesterday morning. by the time she met with her bus, homeland security secretary johnson, she didn't have to be asked to step down. she told bloomberg news she felt it was the noble thing to do. >> in a meeting earlier this afternoon, the director of -- the secretary of homeland security met with director pierson and accepted her res ignition. >> reporter: news of secret service director julia pierson's
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departure broke as lawmakers, frustrated with her appearance before a house committee tuesday, began demanding that she step down. >> i have very low confidence in the secret service under your leadership. >> support evaporated with the revelation that agents were totally unaware that a security guard with a criminal record was allowed on an elevator with the president while carrying a gun. press secretary josh earnest said the white house had not been briefed. >> the white house first learned of that incident yesterday afternoon, shortly before it was reported. >> the first woman to head the secret service pierson took over just 18 months ago in the wake of a prostitution scandal involving agents on a presidential trip to colombia. critics in congress say more personnel changes may be necessary. >> i'm glad she's leaving. there's a culture problem at the secret service that needs to be addressed. as i told her today, i don't think that she's in a position to address it. >> reporter: joe clancy, the
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retired head of obama's presidential detail will serve as interim director. pending the results of an independent investigation, which could possibly include recommendations on a permanent replacement from outside the agency. omar gonzalez who scaled the white house fence and bolted across the lawn into the front door appeared in court wednesday. he pled not guilty to three charges, with a maximum penalty of 16 years, and he remains in custody. >> all right, bill thank you. that new secret service interim director clancy, is 58 years old. he retired three years ago as special agent in charge of presidential protective division. he claims he joins the secret service in the 1980s. bill, good morning. >> good morning, norah. >> you've spent a lot of time with joe clancy because he was there with the president, so close to the president. do you think he'll be able to change things at the secret
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service? >> i think he will. i think he's a strong leader. but i think the fact he's not a bureaucrat, he comes from the ranks, has held the highest level of responsibility in the service, and that is running the president's perspective detail, says a lot. i think he knows that there has to be a transparency that hasn't been there recently. but he also knows that they've got to clean up their act. >> what is it they have to change, bill? >> i think there are -- look, these men and wenlomen have to be right 100% of the time and the vast majority of the time they are. even though there's been lapses and they've been noted, thank god they've not created any situation that was a crisis for the nation. so i think there is -- i don't believe there's a culture that has to be changed. i think it just needs strong leadership which i think joe will bring. both on an interim basis. and they have to look to somebody who has been in leadership in the service.
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it's become a very large bureaucracy with thousands and thousands of employees, so that's another problem. right now, they need stability. i think joe brings that. he has character. he's been on the street in a sense. i think he's the perfect guy for this. >> homeland security or treasury? >> i don't think it matters where it's at. it's about the day to day job that's done. every agency in homeland security would like to be out of homeland security because it's massively big and they're fighting for dollars that are shrinking. i don't think it's where it's at, i think it's what they do day after day, and i don't think there's no one better to lead that organization than clancy. an ultimatum from protesters in hong kong. the demonstrators threatened to occupy government offices unless the region's leader steps down by the end of the day. the government says that demand is, quote, impossible to meet.
7:16 am
seth doane is in hong kong where the government is washing gwarning protesters there there will be consequences for their actions. >> reporter: good morning. so far, the government in hong kong and beijing have not given any sort of indication that they will bend to protesters demands. in fact the communist party's people's daily newspaper warned of chaos on the streets of hong kong if these protests were allowed to continue. around me here these protesters are trying to show a very different side. one that's calm and orderly. protesters are policing themselves and helping each other. whether it's navigating barricades offering water, cooling mist or even a free haircut. >> free haircut. >> reporter: uniformed police are hanging back. >> so you've got cooling pads here, face masks, water and crackers, anything the protesters need. >> yes, almost everything.
7:17 am
>> reporter: he thinks beijing is unlikely to budge. but says they still have hope and discipline. >> you think a polite protest shows that hong kong should be demo cratic? >> yes, we have good manner at least in this way. >> reporter: china is watching these protests closely. earlier this week a u.s. security firm alleged on its website that the chinese government may be using spy ware to monitor protesters. you say you started using this app just yesterday. why did you download it? >> because my friend told me the protesters are sharing information over this app. >> reporter: winnie law showed us an app protesters are using. it's called fire chat. it claims to have had 100,000 downloads in 24 hours. it works using peer to peer wifi, which is helpful in con jecht
7:18 am
con jechtgested areas with protesters. >> people are asking for water and supplies? >> yes. >> reporter: we spoke with several tourists from mainland china who were visiting here today. they told us they believed this protest had the power to inspire democratic awareness in mainland, china. of course that is exactly what the chinese government does not want. interestingly, norah and charlie, those tourists were too scared to talk with us on camera. >> interesting, seth thank you so much. this morning, a long island new york high school is grieving for a football player who died following a game. tom cutinella suffered a head injury in a collision with an moment. he was rushed to a nearby hospital but died hours later. grief counselors are at the school to talk with students. the alleged head of one of mexico's most feared drug cartels is under arrest this morning. mexican special forces grabbed him yesterday in central mexico. authorities say his gang is responsible for trafficking
7:19 am
cocaine to the united states and europe. american authorities offered a reward of up to $5 million for information leading to his capture. it is 7:19. ahead on "cbs this morning," garbage men acting more like we are seeing plenty of sunshine already and more to come. along the coastline, what a day it's going to be. sunshine over san jose today and some hot temperatures developing outside as high pressure and offshore winds really cranking up the numbers today. in fact, this afternoon about 84 degrees in pacifica, 85 in san francisco. 91 in santa rosa. and about 90 degrees in san jose. next couple of days may be a little bit hotter, cooling down slightly along the coastline over the weekend.
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a father's unending hope pays off. >> ahead, the international rescue of a girl kidnapped for more than a decade. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by mazola. mazola makes it better.
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away money and a your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. a home burglary turned into a stabbing in santa clara this morning. the burglar fled the scene after stabbing the homeowner during a struggle. police later found him hiding nearby. homeowner was taken to a nearby hospital. the suspect is in custody while police investigate. san francisco giants are on the way to the next round of the play-offs. the orange and black cruised to victory against pittsburgh in the wild card game last night 8- 0. madison baumgarner pitched a complete game. and brandon crawford became the first shortstop to hit a grand slam in play-off history. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment.
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good morning, if you are heading to the bay bridge it's backed up on the span from one end to the other because of an earlier crash on the skyway. and obviously behind the pay gates it is stacked up through the maze, as well. i want to show you some of the sensors though. the accident was westbound 80 approaching ninth. all clear. it was cleared quickly actually but obviously the biggest delays are past treasure island all the way to san francisco side of the span. use bart everything is on time. no delay there. 880 in oakland also still looks okay near the coliseum. that's traffic. here's lawrence. a gorgeous day to cruise around the bay area maybe heading to the coast if you can. it will be beautiful there. temperatures going to be heating up. it is going to get hot in spots. heat advisories going up today and tomorrow. 90 in san jose. 85 in san francisco. and about 84 in pacifica. next couple of days going to be the peak of the heat. cooling down slightly near the coast for the weekend.
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7:30 am
massive protests filling the streets of hong kong. >> tens of thousands of these demonstrators have packed into the highways the streets, mostly in the city's financial district. >> they clashed with police with long barreled guns and used tear gas for the first time in years. >> yes. protesters in hong kong are being attacked with tear gas or as it's known in china, the sky. >> that's one way to put it. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour a girl taken from her father a mom wanted by the fbi. we'll look at the emotional rescue that took 12 years and an international mission. plus, the trash cops are coming. a new law turns sanitation workers into snoops. we're going to show you why they
7:31 am
may be sniffing around in your garbage. that's ahead. it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. the "the st. louis-post dispatch" is looking at the ferguson police killing of michael brown. a post on twitter claimed, quote, i know someone sitting on the grand jury in this case. there isn't enough in this case to warrant an arrest. brown was unarmed. some critics say race played a role. an officer is on leave after he tased a 61-year-old woman. it happened yesterday. the woman was told she was under arrest but she walked away from the officer. he then used a stun gun to hit her in the back. she's now home. rental rates average $1,111 per month.
7:32 am
that's a 1% increase. it's because it's improving. chicago wants to make schools more affordable for low income students so it's getting rid of student loans. instead the university will offer grants i'm lit nate need for financial aid and offer scholarships to underrepresented groups. the program begins the fam of next year. and "the new york times" retraces the steps of the ebola patient in dallas. four days before thomas eric duncan left liberia, he brought a woman who had ebola to the hospital and then brought her home where she died. 20 days after sh he showed first signs of ebola. >> director doctor tom frieden said in statement, quote, at this point, there is zero risk of transmission and there's no reason to thing that anyone on the flight that he was on would
7:33 am
be at risk. cbs travel analyst peter greenberg has a different view. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> what do you think? >> there's not an effective screening program for this problem worldwide but there's precedent for it. years ago they had hoof and mouth disease in the unite kingdom. they had basic questions, have you been on a farm lately. and then we had sars. guess what happened? you couldn't get on or off a plane without having your temperature taken. >> that's the thing with ebola. he appeared asymptomatic. he appeared perfectly fine. he would have passed screening. >> he did pass screening. that's the thing. it's not a question of the flights from london to new york but passing the risk among passengers. 70% of the passengers are not
7:34 am
flying there they're flying through there. >> what should passengers do to protect themselves? >> basic hygiene, you know take antiseptic wipes. as dr. jon lapook, 20 to 21 days. >> united airlines is not required to tell other passengers who were on board that they were traveling with someone who had ebola. why not? >> thank the lawyers for that. it's a lita liability. i must tell you. in 2009 when we had the swine flu, the world health organization came out and basically said we don't need travel restrictions or proper
7:35 am
screening because it's not going to affect the transmission anyway. >> there are reports they appear to be reaching out to some passengers. why do they do that? >> they're still concerned about liability. the bottom line is they have to have the conversation. i can't stress it enough. >> where you've been an -- >> if you say to somebody have you been in liberia recently or sierra leone that creates another conversation. you have some airlines voting. british airways no longer flying to parts of the world. that's exactly what they're doing. >> thank you peter greenberg. there's a new perspective for the search in the missing university of virginia student. this is the first time an unmanned drone is being used. graham has been missing for almost three weeks now. as we reported a man is under arrest in connection with her kidnapping. a girl missing for more than a decade is back in her home state of texas this morning.
7:36 am
sabrina allen was just four years old when the fbi says she was kidnapped by her mother and taken to mexico. good morning. >> good morning. the break in the case came in the form of a confidential tip four weeks ago. they hatched a daring rescue plarn that finally paid off tuesday. gregory allen said there were three simple things he was looking forward to. >> love and happiness and family. >> his daughter sabrina was back in texas but allen still has to wait for the reunion. >> she's been manipulated and told i'm a bad guy, a wife beater and child molester. you get the idea. >> sabrina vanished in 2002 after a weekend visit with allen's ex-wife dara lawrence. instead of returning sabrina to allen who had sole custody,
7:37 am
lawrence fled with her then 4-year-old girl across the border into mexico. over the years allen came tantalizingly close to finding her. he came upon this video of her performing in a school play. her hair cut short and hair dyed in disguise. >> i was walking the streets, putting flyers on sign posts in mailboxes. >> those efforts eventually led to a tip that lawrence was hiding out with sabrina in a town southeast of mexico city. >> she was not living a regular life. she's apparently not been in school and apparently rarely left their small apartment. >> on tuesday morning lawrence was arrested by mexican law enforcement officers who planned the rescue with the help of the fbi. >> there was slight resistance but dara weighs approximately 105 pounds. she did resist initially. i think after the arrest both calmed down. >> sabrina, now 17, is dealing
7:38 am
with the trauma and readjusting to life back in the u.s. with the help of a therapist. when she's willing to see her dad again, allen says he knows exactly what he'll say. >> i'm going to ask if i can give her a hug. >> gregory allen said there's no timetable for his reunion with - sabrina, that he will wait until she is ready. dara lawrence is behind bars at the traverse county jail charged with aggravated kidnapping and interfereing with child custody. she's being held on $330,000 bond. >> i sure feel for the dad here. i only hope the daughter changes her mind maybe the more she hears. when you're 4 years old, you can be told anything. >> you're right. such a sad situation all the way around. ahead, the new way trash can get you into trouble. >> i'm ben tracy in seattle where they're parentally serious about garbage. now they're going to fine people for putting in trash what they think is trash.
7:39 am
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this is a spectacular video of a volcano erupting in iceland earlier this month. a photographer put a gopro camera on two drones and got so close to the molten lava that one of the cameras melted but the memory card was fine so the photographer downloaded these amazing images. this video was posted on youtube yesterday and already has over 100,000 views. wow, wow, wow. >> look at that. and we just had the founder of go prohere. he's thinking once again my product is working. >> i want to get a gopro. >> i do too. >> charlie? >> the point's made. all right. composting is now on the menu in seattle. the major just sign add controversial new law. it fines people for throwing away their food scraps. ben tracy shows us why garbage trucks may start to feel more like police cars.
7:44 am
>> reporter: ted verell is a machine. he's been a sanitation worker for more than 36 years and collects up to 1,000 garbage cans every day. back in 1978 when you started doing this, were things a little different? >> we didn't have recycling. everything was garbage. >> these days almost nothing is garbage in seattle. there's recycling, yard waste, and food cans garbage is now the smallest on the street. seattle will start fining people for throwing food in the trash rare than the compost. >> all food works goes in there. >> reporter: seattle recycles 55% of its garbage but wants to hit 60%. so as of next summer businesses throwing food in the trash can be fined up to $50 and single
7:45 am
family homes, $1 per violation. >> if you're really trying to incentivize people to do this, why is it only a buck. >> it's not to make money. it's to make it clear so everybody saves resources. >> food ends up in landfills that rots and creates methane that contributes to global warming. about 35 million tons is generated each year but only 5% is compostnd and turned into fertilizer. the problem sit will turn trash clerkts into trash cops. >> do you have anybody calling you and saying this is a dumb idea or are people on board? >> people want this. certainly some people maybe think it's a step too far. >> people like todd meyers who heads a conservative think tank in seattle. >> this is the next step. >> reporter: myers says the city is wasting $400,000 on
7:46 am
information about it. >> the cost far outweighs the benefits. when you have to enforce it more and more and more, it means more people don't want to do it and it's not the best solution. >> reporter: the emerald city that can never be too green. for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, seattle. >> i think that's a great story. it says a lot. how do you create composting in the city. >> they're committed to making it better. go, seattle. pittsburgh is out of the baseball playoffs this morning. and a pirates fan may have looked like she was ready to jump ship. we'll see what she was doing in we are seeing plenty of sunshine already and more to come. along the coastline, what a day it's going to be. sunshine over san jose today and some hot temperatures developing outside as high pressure and offshore winds really cranking up the numbers today. in fact, this afternoon about 84 degrees in pacifica, 85 in san francisco. 91 in santa rosa.
7:47 am
and about 90 degrees in san jose. next couple of days may be a little bit hotter, cooling down slightly along the coastline over the weekend. ...and the wolf was huffing and puffing... kind of like you sometimes, grandpa. well, when you have copd it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... doctor: symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death from asthma problems. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections osteoporosis, and some eye problems. you should tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. grandfather: symbicort could mean a day with better breathing.
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7:51 am
video. that's a strong babe. he shows off his muscle strength to his daddy. there you go. and then he got ready for his bath. >> you've got to love him and his dad together. what a treasure to have. >> like father like son. >> he's paying attention. go hadley. a strange moment at the giant giants/cardinals game. take a look. a pittsburgh police officer is talking to grey-haired pirates fan. how in the world did she get into the giants dugout? it looks as though she got kind of lost. by the way, pirates lost 8-0. the giants move on to play washington tonight. >> wow. >> and your name is? you're sort of sitting in the dugout. >> and why not. >> andig it's a g >>ig
7:52 am
's ace lombardi to aaron rodgers, football is everything at green bay. ahead, we're at
7:53 am
7:54 am
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's 7:56, i'm michelle griego. the family of jahi mcmath is asking the judge to declare she is not brain-dead. almost 10 months ago the oakland teen suffered complications from surgery and was put on life support. her family says they can prove she is getting better. a homeowner is recovering from a stabbing during an attempted burglary in santa clara this morning. police say the burglar struggled with the man after breaking into the home in the 3100 block of cabrillo avenue. he was caught a short time later. two out of three new ramps are now open at the 880 stevens creek boulevard interchange in san jose. the interchange is crucial for santana row and valley fair
7:57 am
shoppers. a third new ramp opens tomorrow. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. bulldog: [yawning] i can't wait to get to mattress discounters because the tempur-pedic bonus event is ending soon. choose $300 in free gifts, and, get up to 48 months interest-free financing with any tempur-pedic mattress. ♪ mattress discounters ♪
7:58 am
good morning. well, if you are heading to the bay bridge, it's still stacked up behind the pay gates. metering lights of course have been on for a while but you also had an earlier accident on the skyway. you will notice the drive time on the eastshore freeway. it's jammed up. right around herculessers that the red sensors approach the 80/4 interchange and then it speeds below 25 miles an hour down through emeryville. here's a live look across the span. we are seeing slowing end to end because of that earlier crash approaching 9th street so pretty good sized delays trying to get into san francisco. that's "kcbs traffic." here's lawrence. >> we are talking sunshine and some hot temperatures around the bay area heat advisories going up today and through tomorrow. that likely going to be the peak of the heat. sunshine toward the golden gate bridge. looking good there. it is going to be warm all the way to the coastline today. some temperatures 80s at the beaches, 80s and 90s inside the
7:59 am
bay, 90s in the valleys. 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
8:00 am
♪ good morning. it is thursday october 2nd, to 1. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead including the outbreak which could be linked to four deaths. advice for parents. but first, here's a look at today's eye opener at 8. this morning dallas county 45e89 officials an nowed the circle of people potentially exposed is now 80. >> almost magical figure to think that there are not going to be other cases. not only in america but elsewhere. >> doctors are looking into whether enterovirus could be linked to polio virus in some
8:01 am
children. >> asked to step down. >> i don't believe there's a culture that has to be changed. i think it just needs strong leadership which i think joe will bring. >> the government in hong kong in beijing have not given any sort of indication that they will bend to protesters. >> federal agents working with their mexican counterparts hatched a daring rescue plan that finally paid off on tuesday. >> why is the fine only a buck? >> not looking to make a lot of money or revenue. it's just to make the rules clear so everybody can help us save resources. >> that's a strong baby all right. he shows off his strength to his daddy. >> embattled head of the secret service is hout. pierson resigned yesterday. jumped the white house fence and handed it to the president. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell.
8:02 am
this morning health officials in texas are trying to track down people at risk of getting ebola. thomas eric johnson is the first person to be effected in the united states. four of his family members have been told to stay home and not visit him. the cdc is monitoring 12 to 18 people he may have come in contact with since last month. a dallas health official confirms that in turn those people were in contact with more than 80 other people. >> five kids are among those possibly exposed, putting some dallas schools on alert today. the three paramedics who took duncan to the hospital are also in isolation as a precaution. >> we are tracking the concerns of another deadly risk, enterovirus, it has spread from 12 to 24 states in three weeks. doctors are worried the virus is linked to the deaths of four patients including a 10-year-old rhode island girl. dr. holly phillips is here. dr. holly, good morning. >> good morning. >> four patients who have died have tested positive for this
8:03 am
enterovirus. is it clear though that that virus played a role in their deaths? >> no norah. it's not clear yet at all. in one of the deaths the young girl in rhode island right now her death is being attributed to a bacteria stalled staph orius which causes a very serious blood infection. it could be the enterovirus compromised her immune system that made her vulnerable to this bacteria and perhaps that's what happened to the other patients. it's not clear now exactly how the two entities are linked. >> why is it so hard to track it and to test it? >> the first reason is that enterovirus doesn't make everyone really sick. some people might have a run any nose, some people might not have any symptoms at all so they may not go to a doctor. the other thing is the test for enterovirus is not routinely carried at a doctor's office like a strep test. this is something that goes to the department of health and not
8:04 am
routinely tested for. so i think many cases can slip through the cracks. >> are there special concerns for children? >> we're always concerned about children when it comes to infections because children actually come in much closer contact with each other than adults. you know for instance, at school they might hold hands, touch each other on the playground, share food. whereas adults in a workplace sort of keep a greater physical distance. that means kids are more likely to spread infection amongst each other. >> and you have flew season too, coming up. >> gayle, if there ever was a year to get a flu shot, this is it. i say that every year. >> i was going to say, holly, you said the exact same thing last year and the year before that. >> i do. but right now we have so many viral concerns circulating. >> charlie just made a note on his note where he makes notes, flu shot. >> i did. >> dr. holly has needles in the back. >> call me after the show. i'll take care of you. >> you're too observant.
8:05 am
>> thank you holly. >> we listen intently. >> good advice. secret service director julia pierson says resigning was the right thing to do. pierson quit wednesday after 18 months in charge. officials say homeland security secretary johnson wanted her out. so did president obama and some members of congress. >> pierson left after reports of three major secret service mistakes. two weeks ago a fence jumper with a knife was allowed to run inside the white house. the interim director joseph clancy joined the secret service in 1980 and rose to become special agent in charge of president obama's protective detail. clancy had retired in 2011. the hess ofes theler motors is dropping hints about a major announcement. elan musk tweeted about time to unveil the d and something else. lots of people are wondering what he means but they expect to see the next generation of tesla electric cars. it could be a budget sedan or a small suv or both. i have heard people talking
8:06 am
about that. >> what do you know? >> cheaper version of the tesla. >> what do you know? what do you know? >> i don't know. >> you've got inside sources. >> i don't know. >> we'll have to wait for the announcement. maybe he will come here and tell us. adam sandler's deal with netflix is no laughing matter. the movie production company inked the deal with the video streaming service. he will produce and star in four new films. they will premier exclusively to 50 million subscribers worldwide. his current film commitments are not included. over his career he has grossed nearly $4 billion at the box office. once again, netflix. >> once again, adam sandler. that will be popular. ahead on "cbs this morning" the nfl team where fans are in the owner's box. we'll meet two of the people who love their green bay
8:07 am
a woman wanted a healthy baby, a special bank made that
8:08 am
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♪ a chicago area sperm bank is facing a lawsuit this morning from a woman who claims she was given the wrong sperm. jennifer cramblett says she and her same-sex partner who was both white chose a caucasian donor instead they were given the vials from a black man. she learned about the switch when she was already 4 months pregnant with her mixed race daughter. cramblett says it's difficult raising her now 2-year-old girl in their all white community. >> i want the best for my child. hands down, i want her to feel
8:13 am
accepted, i want her to feel like she has a place with the people that she has a place with white, black, asian, any -- whoever she feels comfortable around, i want her to have that. >> cbs news legal analyst rikki klieman is with us. i was reading the story this morning. it's so disturbing to me on many levels because i keep thinking about this little girl when she gets older to realize a lawsuit was brought because basically you are a big mistake right now. >> well, you've got a good legal lawsuit because it sounds like negligence that the sperm bank switched these sperm samples. >> right. >> however you do also have this moral issue which is why you are disturbed. you have a young child, now 2 years old, who the parents say they love the child is perfect, they adore this child, and they just want a better life for this child. they want to bring this child to a more tolerant community. but the lawsuit is called a
8:14 am
wrongful birth lawsuit. so i say when the child is 18 or 13 or at some other point and the child hears that there's a suit where she's called a wrongful birth, wrongful birth, by the way traditionally was a lawsuit about if you had a child that had a congenital birth defect or some kind of congenital abnormality that you would sue a doctor for not warning you because of the wrongful birth. >> that makes it even worse. >> it does. but i think that it's an unfortunate labeling. so is breach of warranty which is the second count because breach of warranty sounds like you bought a commodity, you bought a car and it was defect defective. what they are saying though and they are very sympathetic, these two parents. you have a lesbian couple who both had to have difficulties with men, abused by men when they were children they wanted to use a donor or sperm, they wanted to do the right thing, so they do have some sympathy going toward them. >> how much are they asking for?
8:15 am
>> they're asking for a minimum of $50,000 in damages but that's just a threshold jord to get jurisdiction. so that's just a legal thing. what they really want are moving expenses. that's what they're looking for. because they want to take the child to a more tolerant community. well, that's going to be difficult to prove. how far do you go? when do you move? do you build a house? what do you do? >> why is this settled not publicly? >> that's the question. >> i reported on cases like this in the past and these sperm banks want to settle these cases quietly and they do end up -- >> of course they do. of course they do. and this may have been a situation where perhaps they didn't speak initially because it sounds like when the mother had called and that they realized that number 330 looked like number 380 because they were in print. i think that -- my guess is that number one, it is going to settle. and number two, is if they wind up going to court, clearly there's negligence. the question is what are the
8:16 am
damages. >> keep us posted on what happens. >> i will. thank you. >> thank you. and we often welcome nfl owners to studio 57 but when it comes to green bay packers owners, well, it will be a tight squeeze. it's a big studio but it's not that big because there are 360,000 of them. >> wow. >> dean reynolds is at lambeau field. what a great assignment. how are you? >> i'm good norah. for packer fans it's not just a football game, it's a way of life. we'll take you unside the world of the cheese heads, next on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by help your child love to learn with
8:17 am
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8:20 am
charlie, part of my joy and sorrow is to work with the media. with you it's doue to your joy, your fairness and wisdom. >> look at that. that's cardinal dolan at the al smith dinner last night. al smith a former governor of new york. an event that raises millions of dollars in new york.
8:21 am
charlie gave a funny speech. we're going to show you some of it later. >> what's even more appropriate -- this is a cheesehead. and 1-800-of the people who used to be a cheesehead and may be still is cardinal dolan. and it is green day. the green bay parkers take on the minnesota vikings tonight on cbs. it may have the most loyal and energetic fan base in all of pro football. dean reynolds is inside lambeau field. dean, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know as a lifelong fan of chicago bears, i feel like i'm about to break out in hives being this close to lambeau field, even an empty lambeau field. but tonight there will be about 80,000 packer faithful here cheering on their favorites as only they can do. ♪ let's go lambeau ♪ ♪ let's go lambeau ♪ ♪ >> reporter: we identify them by their apparel and their passion,
8:22 am
the fans of the green bay parkers. >> rodgers' quick pass touchdown. >> reporter: through good times and bad, through sunshine and snow storms they are deeply committed to their team. bea fray lick and her two kids who we met on a cold rainy, blustery day on lambeau field. >> reporter: this is what some would say is an obsessive devotion to the packers. >> i want you to come back when it's 10 below. >> reporter: yeah. for 25 years, bea's father earl played in the packers' marching band, the first. at 8 she was parking packer fans cars. she was there for every game except for the one time her boz insisted she attend a work seminar. did you put a curse on them?
8:23 am
>> yeah yeah. i let him know about it. >> reporter: this is where she's been week after week through two heart attacks and five stints. she was there at the super bowl in 1987 when the temp was 13 below. and her husband died on friday, buried him on saturday and went to the packers game on sunday. it helped her cope. >> it's the group around you. you get really close to the people around you. >> this cheese stands for what again? >> greatness. >> jim schmidt is green bay's mayor. a prized possession is a helmet signed by brett favre and aaron rodgers. >> would that be politically correct to say who your favorite green bay packer is? >> that would be politically incorrect. >> reporter: 350,000 fans from all around the world own shares.
8:24 am
the money allows the parkers to remain competitive with large market teams and most important to remain in green bay. >> we're committed to the green bay packers and they're committed to the city of green bay. there's not a better marriage out there. we love it. >> reporter: keep in mind this is a city of 430,000 people with people waiting for tickets of 112,000. bea fray lick actually owns two tickets. her children can fight over who gets the second one. do you intend to sit here for as long as you live? >> my neighbor said he'd carry me in if i can't make it. >> reporter: both teams are 2-2
8:25 am
your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's 8:25. i'm for some news headlines a home burglary turned into a stabbing in santa clara this morning. the burglar fled the scene after stabbing the homeowner during the struggle. the police later found him hiding nearby. the homeowner was taken to a nearby hospital. the suspect is in custody while police investigate. san francisco giants are on the way to the next round of the play-offs. the orange and black beat pittsburgh in the wild cart game last night 8-0 in the wild card game last night. madison baumgarner pitched a complete game and brandon crawford was the first shortstop to hit a grand slam in play-off history. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment.
8:26 am
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8:27 am
good morning. unfortunately, there was a lot of people sitting in traffic jams right now around the bay area. we have a lot of slow spots including the new one now coming into oakland westbound 580 approaching high street an accident there blocking one lane. so expect some major delays right now trying to get out of san leandro. unfortunately, 880 is not better. you can see it's really bottle necking now near the observations coliseum. the biggest delays are from 238 through downtown oakland exits. it is about a 35-minute drive time in the northbound lanes. southbound looks okay through oakland and then it begins to slow hayward to fremont. and here's a live look at the
8:28 am
bay bridge toll plaza. it's been a brutal commute trying to get into san francisco from the east bay. it's still slow end to end across the span after an earlier accident on the skyway. san mateo bridge it will take you about a half-hour to get out of hayward to the peninsula. that's traffic. here's lawrence. >> all right. we are looking at some beautiful weather around the bay area. lots of sunshine, temperatures going to be heating up with that offshore wind looking back from mount vaca to san francisco. we have some sunshine, some hazy conditions outside and the winds kicking around up above that offshore breeze. those winds are going to be heating things up today. in fact, the air is starting out drier so it's going to heat up faster. that means hotter temperatures by the afternoon. maybe some mid-80s into pacifica, about 85 in san francisco. 92 in the napa valley. 90 in san jose. and about 90 in redwood city. i think tomorrow may be a little bit warmer. could see some records fall and then starting to cool down slightly at least along the coastline on saturday and sunday. some fog returning much cooler temperatures expected next monday and tuesday.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour he helps stella get her groove back, yes, he did, and made brett sound good. taye diggs. you like that song huh? he's doing a little choreography. shake it off, shake it off. >> i'm getting up app going in the toyota green room taye. >> on cbs drama the good life. he calls himself the local food kij. why did
8:31 am
headlines. the columbus dispatch says a killed tackled on the field has lost his scholarship. he was slammed to the ground by a former coach who's an sis tanlt linebacker. he pleaded not guilt to a misdemeanor. >> i don't know. it was not a good move but the reaction seemed strong as well. >> and "the hollywood reporter" -- >> it was just stunning to me that he would do that. >> doesn't make any sense. the story to be continued for sure. "the hollywood reporter" says the video game tetrus will fall onto the big screen. they're going to create a movie adaptation. the producer said it's going to be, quote, epic sci adventure. >> "usa today" says mcdonald's in japan created black halloween cheeseburger. they call it the squid inch.
8:32 am
it comes with black bun, two beef pattys cheese spicy yellow sauce and fried onions. a few weeks ago we told you about the all black bugger that include includes black cheese. >> people are trying to eat breck fachlt we don't need to do this. >> taye diggs has been entertaining audiences for two decades now. we'll talk to him in just a minute. but first we're going to take a look at some of his favorite moments -- our favorite moments. i don't know if it's his
8:33 am
yeah. you? >> no. i don't think i'm jeannette lick
8:34 am
built to believe in god. >> i didn't think i was either until i was. >> taye diggs joins us at the table. hello, taye diggs. >> good morning. >> you watched that tape and said my mom would really like that. >> i bet she's seen all those moments. >> but it was put together so nicely. she would appreciate that. right now she's taking my little boy to school. yes. do you know doc mcstuffens? i can't get that out of my head because we were -- >> i do. do you know 525,600 -- do people walk up to you on the street and say that? >> not anymore. >> 525,-- go ahead and join in taye. go ahead. we're very exciting you're part of the cbs family and you took the job before you even knew what the character was going to
8:35 am
be and what you were doing. >> oh "the good wife." >> yes, "the good wife." >> well, obviously the writing on that show is some of the best in the business so i trusted them. you know it's an honor whenever anyone's interested in you. >> it is. people like to be liked, that's true. >> yeah, no doubt. had you been watching the show? you were familiar? >> absolutely. absolutely. she's winning all those awards. also it's just nice to be a working actor in new york city. it's been a dream of mine. so to be able to go to work and pick my kid up to school and take him to broadway shows, everything's cool. >> we feel that for you. >> well we both made our debut on "the good wife" the season. you have a continuing role. tell us about the character you play. >> deeban levine wilkins. >> such a great name. >> isn't it? i love saying it.
8:36 am
dean levine wilkins. a hot-to-trot lawyer brought back to kind of right the ship. if you saw the first episode, you know things are being shaken up and he's right in the middle of it. >> he's determine dresser too. >> he is. they've got me in all these vests. >> i'm already curious what you're gong to do. >> how about the hat you have? >> this -- it's just a hat. it's too early for my comedy. i couldn't even think of anything funny. >> no. but you've got a gorgeous son. we know you were married to adena. i read you were concerned about the public reaction when you and adena decided to split. i was one of those people that said, oh no. >> it's tough. >> what were you concerned about? >> i feel like there's so much pressure put on relationships, and the locknger a relationship lasts the more pressure there is
8:37 am
to stay together and the more upset people are when you split. >> i know. people become invested in lives of people they don't even know. >> right right, right. >> that happens to many people. >> we saw the incredible career you've had, but you're a choreographer. >> i do like to choreograph dances. >> how did you learn to do that? >> i went to a performing arts high school and that was literally one of the classes that i took. people don't really know that that's what i love doing the most. >> you also write children's books. >> yes. "chocolate me, "" and i finished the next one "mixed me." >> i get a kick out of this bio. i'm serious chocolate and don't get it twisted. i feel you. i feel you. we've got some quotes from co-stars because as you may or may not have heard, you're devastatingly handsome. you have a reaction from women on the street.
8:38 am
there's great story of a woman who ran into you. what did she do? >> she saw me and then just started screaming. silly and supercalifragilistic- expialidocious. >> very good. >> well they're right. >> and not to throw patrice under the bus who does makeup. she used three words to describe taye de-lic-ious. >> i need to carry you in my back pocket. >> a circus man. >> yes, sir, yes, sir. >> go orngs. >> thank you, taye. you can see tay e on "the good
8:39 am
wife" on sunday at 9:30 eastern, it is 9:30. >> and coming up the dad who couldn't stomach another bite. >> we should not be feeding our kids this. we should not be feeding our kids this anymore. i'm done with this.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
if you ever reached a breaking point you may want to keep that private. don dahler is here with a man who made a different choice. the result could have an impact on your family's next meal. good morning. >> he was a self-employee claimed king of frozen food reviews. his web videos would average a few thousand videos each month but it was a surprising moment of candor that would turn his last video into a viral sensation. >> hi, welcome to freezer burns. i'm your host greg ing. >> reporter: he's ees's one of the lucky ones able to create a money niche. >> there was no one saying, which ones are better than others. i wanted to be that resource.
8:44 am
>> the married father of three works full-time as a chief officer in north carolina. he started reviewing frozen food on the side in 2008 and his show freezer burns gradually burned into a second job. before long companies were paying him to feature their products. but greg says all his reviews were rejected. >> i have stuff from digiornos. >> reporter: ice cream and food were showing up on his doorstep and filling his freezers. but the hours spent every day burning him out. he realized the unhealthier the review, the more people would watch. >> i didn't like supporting that type of food. once i started taking a look and said i really don't want to review that but i know it's going to give me a lot of views that's when i knew it was starting to, you know i wasn't doing it for your the right reasons. >> it's not good chicken. >> reporter: so after six years of tasting more than a thousand
8:45 am
foods he warmed to the idea of calling it quits. >> today i'm reviewing this. >> reporter: it happened impulsively he says while reviewing a chick it nugget meal from kid cuisine. >> i took my first bite. i tried to gish it a chance and it just -- it was not good and something in me snapped and i ran with it. >> i'm looking at these ingredients. i don't recognize half of these ingredients. this is horrible. you know what? i can't do this anymore. this is horrible. we 140u8d not be feeding our kids this, we should not be feeding them this anymore. i'm done with this. >> he posted the episode and it went viral. >> all of a sudden it went nuts. i had 274,000 views in one day. >> websites and blogs picked it up thinking he was slamming all frozen foods. >> i think that people wanted a reason frankly to kind of condemn the frozen food
8:46 am
industry. that was not my intention. it's certainly not what i think people should take out of it. >> the truth is he's still feeding his family frozen food but not the kind he's vee viewing. >> if they take a second look, to me that's a small victory. >> the makers of the quid cuisine entree that bore the brunt of the review reached tout him and discussed how to make it better and healthier. some online viewers say ing staged that moment but that's claim he strongly refused. >> i think lit get people to think and look at what you're feeding your kids. >> it's interesting that they reached out to him. >> there is healthy frozen food that doesn't have a lot of sodium and things in it. you have to look at the grechblts. >> i hope he didn't trash the hot pocket. >> no. >> i love the hock pocket. >> what a day. >> a formal interview with
8:47 am
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8 pieces of chicken with 12 hot wings or 6 extra crispy tenders. ♪ our charlie rose was the keynote speaker. it honors the former new york governor and presidential candidate. it gives people a chance to poke fun at each other and themselves. >> you all know that i began at pbs. i'm in my 24th year there. so here's how it's going to be for all of you tonight. if you laugh five times in the next five minutes, you get a tote bag. ten times, a tote bag and a dvd. 20 times, a tote bag, a dvd, and $5 off at ken burn's barber. that's a free haircut. >> al smith was one of america's
8:51 am
foremost public servants in the earliest 20th century. following his death in 1944 an annual dinner was established as a kind of memorial raising millions of dollars for catholic charities. dozens of politicians and personalities have been featured speakers. opposing presidential candidates have most notably shared the stage. kennedy and nixon. carter and reagan. bush and gore. and most recently barack obama and mitt romney. >> earlier today i went shopping at some stores in midtown. i understand governor romney went shopping for some stores in midtown. >> i was actually hoping the president would bring joe biden along this evening because he'll laugh at anything. >> charlie was invited to speak at this year's dinner. >> my day and my night are spent asking questions, and i ask a lot of them. none more important this evening than why me? i don't have the stature of
8:52 am
churchill, the wit of kennedy, or the comedy of colbert, but i'm not worried. i'm a protestant at a catholic charity event with jokes written by jewish writers. so i'm okay. i believe that dialogue matters and we learn from each other, and even when we disagree especially when we disagree the more we strengthen the values of tolerance, diversity, and understanding, we'll have a bull bullwork against the hate and extremism that wreaks so much havoc in this world. it's an inspiration that al smith inspired throughout his life, a life that stands to the testament of the power of dialogue. >> well, you were there, norah. so how did he do? >> he was very, very good speech. very funny as you saw. and charlie had a nice ending talking about being a journalist. >> thank you. thank you very much. next time we will hope to have
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning, everyone. it's 8:55. time for some news headlines. the family of jahi mcmath is asking a judge to declare she is not brain-dead. almost 10 months ago, the oakland teen suffered complications from surgery and was put on life support. her family says they can prove she is getting better. a homeowner is recovering from a stabbing during an attempted burglary in santa clara this morning. police say the burglar struggles with the man after breaking into the home in the 3100 block of cabrillo avenue. he was caught a short time later. two out of three new ramps are open at the 880-stevens creek boulevard interchange in san jose. the interchange is crucial for santana row and valley fair shoppers. the third new ramp opens tomorrow. with the forecast, here's
8:56 am
lawrence. getting hot outside today, heat advisories in effect today through tomorrow may need to be extended into saturday, as well. out the door we go, we have clear skies. a little breezy over the mountaintops but sunshine all the way to the coastline. high pressure strengthening today same with the offshore winds so it's a drier beginning to the day. and as a result, the temperatures are going to be warmer. even along the coastline today about 84 degrees in pacifica. 85 in san francisco. 91 in santa rosa. 90 in san jose. and 87 degrees in oakland. tomorrow could be slightly warmer. but then we may begin to cool down at least a little bit along the coastline. a couple of patches of fog could make a return. more cooling expected back to normal by next tuesday and wednesday. we're going to check your "kcbs traffic" when we come back. t selection of memory foam mattresses under one roof! icomfort by serta... posturepedic hybrid... ( yawn ) comforpedic by beautyrest... oooh! 48 months interest-free financing, free delivery,
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good morning. the commute is supposed to be winding down but it's backed up in parts of the east bay. 580, 880, you will see the slow speeds. there was an earlier accident on westbound 580 at high street still backed up to mcarthur. 880 not better. drive sometime still 40 minutes. that is unusual to see that kind of a delay at this hour between 238 and the macarthur maze. so it's very heavy all the way to downtown oakland. san mateo bridge also really backed up trying to get on the san mateo bridge.
8:59 am
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